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We are very thankful to you for availing our services. We request you to go through the company policies, as they will give you information about your rights and obligations as our customer.

  • If your article is denied publication after getting the editing done by us (subject to the submission of unaltered manuscript), solely due to poor usage of English and grammatical errors, we shall re-edit the paper or provide you with complete refund.
  • If you are unhappy with the completed work, send your reasons for your dissatisfaction. Our expert reviewers will verify the reasons cited by you.
  • Our editors will work on your manuscript again at no additional cost. In addition, if despite our best efforts, the paper does not meet your expectations, we will adjust the amount in your next order or provide a refund.
  • We highly recommend re-editing as we put our best efforts to make your article acceptable, but we can refund if you wish. However, we do not provide refund in case of the customer's own dissatisfaction.
  • The refund policy does not apply if the reviewers point out problems in the manuscript that are technical and specific to the study. There is no refund for a discounted service.
  • If the manuscript edited by us is rejected by the journal because of the quality of English, we will re-edit it at no additional cost as long as you have addressed all the reviewers' comments specific to your study.
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We highly recommend all new clients to take a sample trial before going for complete editing. This will help you judge our editing skills and decide about allocating your task to us.