Journal Selection

Choosing the right journal for you!

We help authors ensure publication success through our Journal Selection Service. We help you choose the best-suited journals to ensure fast publication.

As a client, you provide us with the manuscript and your desired impact factor

Choosing the appropriate journal for publishing is very crucial but tedious process.

Submit ting to a journal whose scope and target audience are relevant, there is a little chance of being published.

Our editorial team will help you to select the correct journal where the chance of getting your work published is maximum. They will shortlist 4-5 journals, which suit your requirement.

They consider certain factors while selecting appropriate journals for your manuscript.

Here we list few factors as example:

  • Is the journal peer-reviewed?
  • Scope of the journal.
  • Type of papers
  • Impact factor of the journal.
  • Average citation index
  • Average peer review duration

Does it have online submission system?

Cost of publication (color page charges, etc.).

Readership and circulation of the journal (regional/global).

We match these points with your requirement and select 5-6 journals for you. Depending on your requirements, you can choose one from the list of appropriate journals to submit your paper.