Journal Submission

Journal Submission

Journal submission is an integral part of journal publication. Different journals follow different steps to submission. If the steps to submission are not adhered, then the journal might not allow the user to submit the paper further.

It involves various steps, which must be followed rigorously in order to successfully submit the paper. Several steps have to be followed before a manuscript is submitted to a certain journal, and the submission process varies one journal to another. Submission is a tedious task and involves many crucial steps. Here is how the entire process works

1. You provide us with the correctly formatted manuscript ad the target journal where you to wish you submit the paper.

2. We complete the registration process and create your account.

3. Complete all the forms in the journal submission process.

4. Write a convincing cover letter to explain the novelty of your work.

5. Collect the necessary forms like copyright forms, patient consent form

6. List out prospective reviewers from you and enter the correspondence information.

7. Alert the author of any missing information required for the journal submission.

8. Upload the manuscript and figures and tables in the correct format.

9. Check the system generated pdf and approve submission.

10. Communicate with the journal editor on your behalf.