I think that her performance has been excellent so I would give her the highest score 5. She has been very patient when authors need to make changes in proofs. Thank you.
 In addition to tasks normally handled by the Production editor for the co-editors, your editor has been very helpful to a guest author currently working with me on a special issue. Similarly, she has been helpful to a first-time author.
 No problems. Flawless. As Howard, and Shakespeare, said "All's well that ends well." Your work in straightening out this mess has been outstanding. I hope you know how much I
 She is responsive, flexible, and detail oriented. I would rate her recent performance as Outstanding (5).

 I have absolutely no reason to say anything needs to improve. Iwould say its been outstanding.
 I would rate her performance as 4-5, between very good and outstanding.
 In fact, she has helped me with some things that are a little beyond her job. I would rate her performance as "4" (very good).
 Your quality of work is truly commendable. Keep up the good

 Good job! You surely are an asset.